Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dorroh & Mills, P.C. represents individuals and businesses in a wide variety of matter in which mediation and alternative dispute resolution are avenues for bringing controversial issues to an amicable conclusion without the necessary of a trial.

Mediation involves a concentrated effort by attorneys on both sides of the case to work with an independent attorney, or mediator, toward a final resolution of issues between the parties. Oftentimes, a lawsuit has been filed, and sometimes an issue has not yet materialized into a lawsuit. Mediation is a helpful means of accomplishing a settlement outside of court.

A voluntary effort of both parties, mediation is non-binding unless a settlement is reached. Not all cases are resolved by mediation, but those that are, generally save all parties involved substantial litigation expenses and the uncertainty of a litigated result.

When our clients wish to resolve issues with or without litigation, we represent them in mediation to explore the likelihood of a settlement.