Business & Contract Law

The law firm of Dorroh & Mills, P.C., strives to help businesses or persons wishing to form businesses compete better in today’s economy. Our business attorneys help determine which type of legal entity would best suit a business or person’s situation regarding limited liability protection, reporting requirements, tax issues, and overall suitability to the business’ or person’s type or style of business.

In addition to choosing the type of entity and helping the person then form that entity or organization, we also help with all forms of tax planning including income taxes, state and local taxes, employment taxes, and estate taxes. We also assist persons in the transfer of their businesses to other family members.

Dorroh & Mills, P.C. also assists clients in various issues that arise from time to time between businesses, such as buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements, employment contracts, leases, contract drafting, and various other day-to-day legal issues small businesses face.

Specific services in business and corporate law we provide are:

  • Business formation and entity choice such as corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, etc.
  • Limited liability planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Employment tax planning
  • State and local tax planning
  • Drafting agreements, such as buy-sell, funding, non-competes, asset purchases and stock purchases for both buyers and sellers
  • Drafting contracts
  • Drafting employment contracts, employee handbooks, and employee drug and alcohol testing policies
  • Drafting leases
  • Preparation and defense of mechanic’s or materialman’s liens
  • Drafting tax-free real estate exchange documents
  • Assistance in mergers and acquisitions

Quite often the business planning consists of an interaction with other areas of law that we also provide assistance in such as estate planning to transfer small businesses to other family members, tax planning to avoid income and employment taxes, and real estate planning.