Corporate Taxation

Dorroh & Mills, P.C. helps advise clients in understanding the differences in how various corporations and LLCs are taxed. Our attorneys’ experience and expertise in corporate taxation can help a person decide which business entity choice is right for them. Dorroh’s legal team also provides strategic tax advice designed specifically to meet each of our client’s needs, including corporate tax planning and tax litigation.

We represent businesses with all types of taxing authorities such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Alabama Department of Revenue, the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, and individual county or municipal taxing authorities. In addition, we provide both tax planning and assistance regarding income taxes on both the federal and state level, Alabama Business Privilege tax issues, sales and use tax, rental and lodging tax, and other tax matters.

Dorroh’s attorneys also council individuals in how to plan for a reduction in these taxes, as well as assist in negotiating, appealing and litigating tax related issues. Our relationship with Internal Revenue Service and Alabama Department of Revenue agents has proven benefaction in reducing and eliminating tax litigation issues that have arisen for our clients with these organizations.