Commercial & Business Litigation

Dorroh & Mills, P.C., handles a variety of civil litigation such as contract disputes, personal injury, wrongful death, fraud, and real estate issues. Whether you have a contract which has been breached by the other party or if you have been injured due to another party’s fault, our firm’s litigation lawyers can evaluate the claim and represent your interests.

Involving an attorney as soon as you have a dispute or injury or have been sued increases the likelihood that your case may resolve without the necessity of litigation. Our litigation attorneys review the facts in light of the law and decide whether the case is fitting for our firm’s expertise.  With the evaluation process considered, retaining a litigation lawyer early may cut short the litigation process through productive negotiations. However, sometimes parties reach a stalemate when only resolution by judge or jury will resolve the case for them. When our firm is engaged, our litigation lawyers represent you throughout the litigation process and zealously seek winning results.