Elder Law

Dorroh & Mills, P.C. strives to achieve the diverse goals of Elder Law, and effectively planning for Medicaid while making sure the adverse consequences are minimal or at least discussed in a cost-benefit analysis approach.

There isn’t a day that goes by when our firm is not confronted with the question “What do I do to protect my home if I have to go into a Nursing Home?” That seems like a very simple question and it is. However, the answers that are given to this simple question by attorneys and lay persons who are not well-versed in Elder Law are sometimes wrong and the results of those wrong answers can be very, very expensive to you and your family.

Dorroh & Mills, P.C. also counsels our clients in the issues of life estate, when a person would like to transfer land or home to their children, but yet retain the use of that property for their lifetime as a place to reside and also be eligible for things such as the homestead exemption for property taxes and the exclusion for capital gains for their personal residence.